What Does Purchasing Sustainable Wood Mean?

What Does Purchasing Sustainable Wood Mean?

29th Jan 2018

the reasons for using sustainable wood

Sustainable wood is one of the most important developments in modern carpentry.

With its "first do no harm" approach and the fact that the wood it produces is on a par with anything you'll find in a non-sustainable variety, it's easy to see why it's vital.

What goes into producing wood that is sustainable? Can it really be as versatile as all that?

Read on to take a look at this environmentally friendly wood product and how you can start using it today.

What Is It?

Sustainable wood is sourced from sustainably managed forests. It's the space for renewable usage that makes it meaningful.

Forest stewards grow, harvest, and process wood in a way that leaves the landscape intact and local ecosystems healthy. This process means that the environment in which your wood is grown gets to go on living and producing indefinitely.

Moreover, producing sustainable timber requires less energy. This benefit is symptomatic of its overall ideology - to maintain high standards while being great for the environment. There's also a movement in recent years to refine and promote wood recycling methods to put wasted wood to better use.

Why Should You Use It?

When it comes to changing the way you do something, the first question often isn't "How does this work?" but rather, "Why should I care?"

When it comes to renewable wood sources, "Why should I care?" is an especially important question. With billions of trees endangered, extinct or in danger of having their ecosystems wiped out, the issue of ethics is prescient.

Moreover, producing sustainable timber requires less energy, which is another environmental benefit.

The wood itself is also extremely versatile.

An excellent insulator, wood conducts heat well and makes for an exceptional building material. Use it to create artwork, make and shop for gifts, and create solutions using woods of various thicknesses.

Beyond being good for the environment and a building solution as old as modern society itself, it's also strong. How strong? Strong enough to compete against modern building materials in terms of strength.

Sustainable Wood: Build Better

We live in an enlightened age.

In years gone by, things such as paper, furniture, fuel, and other consumables were produced and used up without sustainability of any kind.

Not so, anymore.

With sustainably produced wood, you get all of the benefits of solid, reliable wood while knowing that you're giving something back. Sustainable resources mean an investment in your ability to use those same resources again down the line.

Interested in learning more about wood products and some amazing woodworking projects you can start today? Get in touch with us today.

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