Finished Projects


Do you consider yourself the dabbler or the master woodworker?

Woodworking projects can be a time to try new things and explore the options of selling your work to others who can benefit and enjoy them. When it comes to woodworking projects, it is critical to have a partner who is knowledgeable about the different types of wood and how to use them best. Global Wood Source focuses on keeping the needs of their woodworking customers at the forefront. We can help you to source the right wood options for your latest woodworking projects.

Not only can we offer you knowledge about each of the wood types you are considering working with, but we can also provide a platform to help you connect with potential buyers for your finished woodworking projects. If you are interested in creating a commission relationship, contact our experienced team to discuss the options available. We welcome the opportunity to build a relationship with woodworkers, both experienced and those new woodworking.

Our team can provide an engaging platform for you to connect with those who want to commission woodworking projects before you complete them. You can link your work to our gallery or showcase your commissioned items for sale in house or through our online store. This option can also help you to connect with customers to create new custom projects. Plus, we can help you to find the right quality exotic and domestic woods at the best price locally. In fact, there are also plenty of common wood types that can produce a beautiful wood project. Another benefit is that these common woods, such as ash or maple, can be less expensive than other exotic wood options.

Exotic and domestic woods lend so much versatility and beauty to any of your projects. Here are just a few of the options available through our exotic woods collection.

  • Walnut wood – clean lines and distinct colors, also provides warm tones as part of instruments
  • Olive wood – neutral tones with earthy accents and strong distinguishable patterns
  • Mahogany – deep red tones and beautiful grains

Our team can also help you to find the right woods for your projects, while also providing sustainable options. No matter if you choose exotic or domestic woods, you are able to enjoy the versatility and beauty of each one. Your woodworking projects can be practical, such as bookcases or a coffee table. Other woodworking projects can be more creative, such as an instrument or hand-carved mantle. These items give you the chance to create unique details that make your pieces stand out.


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