Cypress Slabs for Sale


Cypress wood slabs offer plenty of options to create amazing furniture and artistic pieces. We offer different cypress slabs for sale in different sizes to fit your needs. Our cypress wood slabs come from locations around the world, reflecting multiple factors that contribute to its unique grains and colors. Each cypress slab comes with a one of a kind pattern. We also sell different sizes, which mean we can find the right cypress wood slab to match your woodworking project.

Our cypress wood is a beautiful representation of this giant old-growth timber. While old-growth cypress wood forests have largely disappeared in the last 100 years, efforts are underway to restore these beautiful wood giants through new-growth cypress forests. The bottoms of rivers and ponds are a source of these beautiful old-growth cypress trees. Today, they are being harvested to provide another option to enjoy these beautiful wide cut cypress wood slabs.

Cypress slabs come from various areas around the globe, including Africa and North America. These coniferous trees or shrubs, which are classified as a soft wood, are most often found in northern temperate regions, also they can also live in watery regions that include swamps or rivers. Harvesting them takes time but the resulting wood is a beautiful reflection of the years of growth in continuous grain patterns and light or dark colors swirled throughout the cypress slabs.

Cypress wood has enjoyed a long history of being easy to work with, strong, and durable. These trees were also used extensively in construction throughout the southern United States, where they were used to build docks, outdoor projects, and boats. When the projects were indoors, then the pale yellow-reddish hues of the cypress wood shine through, creating a beautiful trim, paneling or cabinetry that darkens into a rich honey colored tan.

These cypress slabs are ideal for projects ranging from dining room tables to conference tables. These slabs can also be used to add a unique flair for your kitchen cabinets, islands, or even bathroom countertops. If you want just a touch of cypress wood flair in a room, a simple cypress wood slab for a mantelpiece could be just what you are looking for. Since our cypress wood slabs for sale are available in various sizes, we can provide the right slab to fit your project, be it furniture or something more artistic.

These wide cut slabs are perfect to be used for projects that require a large, flat, solid wood surface because it provides one single, solid cut of lumber instead of assembled pieces that end up creating multiple seams. Their beautiful continuous grain patterns create a stunning visual effect. It is also weather resistant, much like cedar, making it appealing choice for outdoor woodworking projects.

Our team can work with you to determine how many cypress wood slabs you need for your next project. In addition, we also can give you tips on how to work with your cypress slab, including backing up cuts to avoid splintering. Contact us today to learn more about the current cypress wood slabs for sale that we have in stock.

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