Cedar Slabs for Sale

Cedar is a beautiful wood with a rich history within the construction and woodworking trades. To give our customers access to this timeless wood, we offer cedar slabs for sale in various sizes. These cedar wood slabs can be used for several different projects, including lining closets, building chests, and more. They have a beautiful grain and amazing scent that make these cedar slabs stand out from other types of wood.

In the 1800s, cedar wood slabs were used throughout the construction of homes, particularly closets and other storage areas. The wood’s aroma was pleasant and helped to protect the houses from critters and insects. It is also rot-resistant, making it an appealing option for fence posts or other outdoor applications.

With their natural properties, cedar slabs can also be a valuable and cost-effective way to repel a host of indoor bugs that can damage your memorable items, including moths. Many furniture makers have used cedar as a natural liner for various chests due to these protective qualities. Cedar wood slabs can also be used to create durable and weather-resistant outdoor furniture.

New and experienced woodworkers can use lightweight and durable wood. It is fine-grained and often comes in colors ranging from a soft, pinkish color to brownish red. There is also often an outline of lighter wood framing these darker colors, giving it an artistic look. Cedar wood slabs can make beautiful shelves that offer a unique pop of color, especially for those individuals who love the look and feel of natural wood shelving.

Staining cedar wood slabs can be a great way to protect that beautiful reddish coloring since cedar can washout to gray after being in the weather. Maintaining your cedar’s coloring will include treating it properly, as well as understanding this wood’s unique weathering process. It typically deteriorates slowly since it is abundant in natural oils.

Untreated cedar wood slabs can end up looking gray and weathered—that weathered wood splinters or flakes away, leaving fresh wood to be exposed. Treating cedar wood slabs can allow you to maintain the beauty of the wood itself, as well as increasing its durability, particularly for projects that will be kept outdoors.

Depending on the look you want to achieve with your cedar wood slabs, you might want to leave them untreated to achieve a more weathered, seaside appearance. If untreated cedar siding is your choice for home, know that different sides of the house will weather differently, which could make your home’s exterior color appear less uniform.

There are a variety of treatment options available that can help you to treat your cedar slabs. These treatments involve pigments and solids. The more solids found within the treatment, the better the protection for your cedar wood slabs and the longer they can last.

Our team can provide cedar wood slabs with a natural edge still on them or more finished products to fit your needs. Our team can find the right cedar slabs and sizes necessary to complete it no matter what your project is.

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