When you have a specific design, edge, length, or width, our skilled team is up to the task to process lumber to your needs. Our millwork shop allows us to help you with your custom projects and save you time by doing the planing, cutting, drilling, and more for you!

Millwork rates start at $150/hr with a $30 minimum charge that includes a setup fee.

Log/Lumber Milling: Woodmizer LT40
Log/Lumber Milling: Woodmizer LT40

Able to mill up to 26" wide, anything from logs to mantles, slabs, or lumber we can get your project where it needs to be.

Resawing: Agazzani 18" Bandsaw
Resawing: Agazzani 18" Bandsaw

From resawing billets into laminate tops for musical instruments or thinning out 4/4 lumber into veneer for lining a humidor our resaw can handle a variety of applications.

Ripping: Grizzly 10" Table Saw
Ripping: Grizzly 10" Table Saw

Need narrow strips from lumber to make trim for moulding? Or maybe that mantle needs to be straightlined? The Grizzlycan get it done, safely.

Joinery:  Delta DJ20 6" Joiner

Joining: J.A Faye and Egan 12” helical head jointer

When you require precision surfaces and exact 90 degree angles this jointer can handle up to 6" wide material.

Planing: Grizzly 20" Helical Head Planer
Planing: Grizzly 20" Helical Head Planer

From 8" to ¼" our planer can get your material surfaced to the correct thickness for your project, everytime.

Mitre/Cross Cutting: Dewalt Mitre Saw
Mitre/Cross Cutting: Dewalt Mitre Saw

Anything from a typical cross cut at length just to fit a board into your vehicle to that perfect 45 degree angle for that picture frame you've been struggling with our mitre saws can move your project right along with precision.

Sanding: PerformaX 32" Sander
Sanding: PerformaX 32" Sander

From 40 grit all the way up to 220 grit, the PerformaX 32" drum sander can handle everything from the smallest trim to the bigger slabs and get your project well on the way to being a finished product.

woodwizz flattener x5

Flattening / Edging: Woodwizz X5 

The Woodwizz X5 is available for flattening and edging your projects with amazing accuracy, leaving a level surface ready to sand and finish.

Millwork for Projects are as follows: $150/hr or $2.50/minute with a $30 Setup fee.

Storage/Drying Fees for Projects are as follows:

Minimum: $10/day

Overlength 12' + $15/day

Overwidth 6'+ $15/day

Oversized (L+W) $20/day

We work with local finishing services as well!

From the raw logs to the finished table.

As much or as little work as you want us to put into your project.

Each job is quoted individually.

NO Installations or On Site Work.

We are NOT a Cabinet Shop, Refinishing/Repair Shop, Flooring Service or Bespoke Woodshop!

Call for bids and lead times 408-392-0573.