5 Tips to Choosing the Right Wood Slab for Your Modern Furniture Project

5 Tips to Choosing the Right Wood Slab for Your Modern Furniture Project

Wood Slabs on 28th Jan 2020

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Starting a modern furniture project can be exciting. After all, you are going to create a beautiful new piece of furniture for your space, one that reflects your unique design tastes. However, before you start, it is important that you choose the right wood slab for your project. After all, not all wood is meant to be turned into furniture. Additionally, there are a wide variety of options available. Here are five tips for choosing the right wood slabs for your modern furniture project.

What Type of Furniture Are You Creating?

The first tip is to be clear about what you are making and how you want to leave the edge. Choosing a wood slab with a live edge can may limit the options you have regarding the furniture piece that you want to make and how you finish it. Other types of wood slabs are better for different furniture types. For instance, a soft wood might not be the right fit for a table or chair. Other wood choices are better for shelving or more decorative pieces.

Talking with one of our experienced team members can help you to find the right hardness of wood for your modern furniture project.

Choosing a Versatile Option

When you choose a wood, it might be easier to work with one that is versatile, such as oak. If you opt for oak, there are multiple benefits. It is durable and cost effective, plus it is a straight-grained wood, making it easier to cut along. Oak slabs are also easy to glue, stain, and finish. No matter the type of furniture you are making, oak can help you to create a beautiful piece for your home.

Exotic wood slabs can be used for these pieces as an accent, thus allowing you to give your furniture piece a unique flair in terms of color, texture, and wood grain. However, don’t discount the beautiful colors and grains of various woods , such as beech, pine, or maple.

Will You Be Painting Your Furniture Piece?

Choosing a wood with a beautiful grain and coloring may mean that you finish the piece with a stain meant to highlight its natural attributes. Therefore, if you are going to paint your piece, then you might choose a wood slab with a grain that will still pop. You might also choose a less expensive domestic wood, since the grain might not be as critical.

However, keep in mind that some woods tend to soak up paint, meaning that you will have to do multiple coats to get the right coverage. Our knowledgeable team can help you to determine which wood slab would work best for your needs in this regard and assist you in finding the right stain or wood finish for your project.

What Is Your Budget?

Depending on the size of your furniture piece, you might find that your budget cannot support using exotic wood slabs for the entire piece. Still, that does not mean you cannot have the beauty of an exotic wood in your modern furniture project. Consider picking an exotic wood slab that can be used as an inlay or accent to your piece of furniture. Plus, an exotic wood slab can give you additional texture or a unique wood grain that stands out. There are also various wood colors that can be highlighted with just a simple natural stain, allowing the beauty of the wood to stand out.

Plus, you can make a majority of the piece out of less expensive domestic wood, which can still be stained and shaped into a beautiful piece of modern furniture. Domestic wood slabs can give you strength and hardness, while still allowing you to stay within your budget.

How Will the Furniture Piece Be Used?

Finally, the type of wood slab you choose should reflect the type of use the furniture piece will receive. For instance, if you are going to have it outside, then you might want to consider a wood that can stand up well to being exposed to various conditions. On the other hand, if you are going to be using this piece in your home in a more decorative fashion, it might open you up to using other exotic wood slabs.

There are clearly a variety of ways that wood slabs can be used to create your modern furniture project. Working with the right wood can help you to make a piece that will last for years to come, while still providing a beautiful and useful addition to your space. If you have questions regarding your furniture project and are not sure if an exotic wood is right for it, then contact our team today. We can answer your questions and help you find the right wood slab for your woodworking project.

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