5 Most Popular Types of Exotic Wood to Use in Your Home

5 Most Popular Types of Exotic Wood to Use in Your Home

28th Aug 2017

You might be wondering, what makes certain wood exotic? The answer is any species of wood not native to North America.

Considering North America only takes up 16.3% of the world's land surface, that leaves many options!

Superior exotic wood is of high quality with excellent durability and minor defects. This list tells you about the 5 most popular superior types of exotic wood.

1. Mahogany

There are many types of mahogany out there, but quality exotic mahogany is hard to beat.

Quality mahogany has excellent workability and beautifully consistent grain. This wood adds sophistication to any project and its superior sustainability will keep it around for decades to come.

Try to find mahogany that has straight, consistent grain and is resistance to rot. The older the tree, the better.

Check out a beautiful species of Mahogany Honduras.

2. Canary Wood

Canary wood is identifiable by its stripy yellowish and reddish appearance. Some woods are valued for their color, others for their streaks. Canary wood has both.

Typically found in South America, canary wood has a pretty natural luster and a predominantly straight grain with fine to medium texture.

This wood is particularly good for home projects because of its durability and rot resistance.

3. Jarrah

Jarrah wood is a type of Eucalyptus found in Southwest Australia.

It features a dense, interlocked grain that makes it extremely durable.

The brilliant color ranges from light reds to darker brick-like tones.

Jarrah is fantastic for projects requiring unique pieces of "curly" wood, as used in unique furniture.

4. Bamboo

Bamboo is extremely popular, likely because bamboo trees are the fastest growing trees in the world.

This is great news for the environmentally-conscious woodworker. Bamboo has a generally uniform texture and an off-white color.

However, bamboo is not known for its long-lasting durability. For this reason, it's best limited to indoor projects that will have minimal exposure to insects and fungi.

5. Ebony

Mostly from Cambodia, ebony wood is a stunning showstopper. As the name implies, ebony has an intense black color that sets it apart from all other wood species.

Ebony has a very fine texture and high density, which only add to the demand for this special wood.

The high demand for this species makes it very expensive. For this reason, it's most often used for smaller projects like instruments, rather than to floor a whole house.

There You Have It!

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