Ebony Black Lumber


Our team is here to help you find the right exotic wood for your woodworking project. One of the most intensely black woods known to man is ebony. Combined with its very high density, which means it can sink in the water, ebony provides a fine texture and an ability to polish up very smoothly.

Some of the species of ebony available include the genus Diospyros yield, which produces a so-called striped ebony. That means the black is not uniform but is striped instead. Many species of this genus do not produce ebony at all, even if they do yield timber. The question is how this wood has been used throughout history.

Black ebony as an incredibly long history. There is even evidence of black ebony wood being used as far back as the Egyptian tombs. What makes this wood so special is that its denseness makes it the perfect wood for carving. Today, black ebony is being used to create chess pieces and instrument parts.

However, this wood can be difficult to obtain, as many of its species are now considered threatened. Still, with responsible harvesting practices in place, ebony wood is still available. Our team works with those who do manage their ebony wood harvests responsibly, thereby giving you to opportunity to work with this amazing and beautiful wood.

Our quality ebony is sourced from around the world, providing you the best of these unique woods for your projects. We source our black ebony from either Gabon or Nigeria, yet this wood can also be found growing in India, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia.

Ebony also comes in other colors and patterns, due to the variety of species of ebony throughout the world. Figuring and coloration can be found either in the deep black colors or in the macassar ebony, which has brownish-red streaks throughout. If you are looking for some amazing contrasts, then consider polar opposite black and white ebony, often known as pale moon ebony. This wood is white with black lines in it, providing a unique pattern for your woodworking project.

Here are a few ways that you can use ebony woods in your projects:

  • Frets on an instrument, such as a guitar
  • Keys on a piano keyboard
  • Chess pieces

No matter what your woodworking project, our experienced and knowledgeable staff can assist you in finding the right exotic or domestic wood to match your needs. Contact us today to discuss your needs. We can also order lumber and blocks upon request.

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