We have various burls come and go all the time from our warehouse, from full burls, to slabs, down to turning blocks and pen blanks. We can custom mill to suit your needs. Give us a call today to see what's currently in stock at 408-392-0573.

Global Wood Source provides a variety of exotic and local wood choices that can be used for a variety of custom projects. Your wood projects become unique works showcasing your creativity, thanks to the beautiful aspects of the wood itself. Our team will help you to find the right size and wood type to fit your needs.

Burl is a type of wood commonly used by artists for creating amazing sculptures and other pieces, including clocks. It is highly prized for its unique shapes and ring patterns. Burl wood is typically found at the base of the tree, and it known to be fast-growing, making burl an appealing option without the high cost of being extremely rare.

When it comes to our selection of burl wood, you can see that the patterns and colors reflect the reddish and deep color scheme of this wood’s natural grain. We provide a variety of size options to fit any project. If you are looking for just a hint of burl to accent your cool wood project, our pen blanks and other planks can be the way to go. On the other hand, if your project is larger and more involved, you may prefer one of our turning blocks or slabs.

Each of these options can offer you the benefit of these deep patterns and colors, which can amplify the beauty of your work. Plus, when you use burl for your cool wood projects, you are creating a one of a kind piece, because no burl pattern is exactly like the next. These characteristics make it a fun wood to work with, because depending on how you cut it and the finishes used on the final piece, you can end up with dark red woodworking project or one that reflects the pale tones and ring patterns instead.

We provide various burls, which constantly come and go on order from our warehouse. From full burls to slabs, down to turning blocks and pen blanks, we have the right size of burl to fit your woodworking needs.

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12 of 22 Items