What Type Of Exotic Wood Is Often In Stock And Versatile

What Type Of Exotic Wood Is Often In Stock And Versatile

Global Wood Source on 22nd Jul 2016

Adding wood to a home is something that is considered prestigious, and typically brings out aspects of your home that would not be noticed otherwise. Exotic wood is not only beautiful, it is also unique. Anyone can go to their local hardwood supplier and obtain wood, but you have to work with a specialty supplier to get access to this type of unique wood.

Exotic wood suppliers will travel the world looking for the most exotic types of wood. This type of wood will be obtained from forest and jungles all over the world. The supplier will then offer them for sale in their warehouse. Most suppliers will provide a variety of in stock exotic wood options. These could include lumber, flooring, turning blocks, natural edged slabs, and Luthier stock for instruments.

No matter what your project is, there is an exotic wood that will make it truly unique. Designing a table, bookshelf, bed or coffee table with this wood can make certain aspects of your home really stand out. These woods are very resilient, and look amazing when left in their natural state. However, you can add stain or a clear coat to them.

Since exotic wood is not easy to come by for suppliers, it tends to be pricy. A lot of time, money on shipping the wood back to the warehouse, and dedication is put into supplying exotic wood to consumers. With this said, suppliers would agree, that the hardwork and dedication are well worth the end product. This amazing wood is like no other, and that is why consumers continue to seek exotic wood for their home projects.

There are many different types of exotic wood that a supplier may carry. These include Black Acacia, Alder, Amboyna Burl, Asian Rosewood, Bocote, Buckeye Burl, Camphor Burl, Cedar, Chakte Kok,Chakte Viga, Chechen, Cocobolo, Cypress, Douglas Fir, Elm, Fiddleback Maple, Brazilian Ironwood, Jarrah, Katalox, Koa, Macassar Ebony, Honduran Mahogany, Fiddleback Maple, Bird's Eye Maple, Eastern White Maple, Quilted Maple, Western Big Leaf Maple, Maple Burl, Merri, Myrtle Burl, Olive, Red Palm, Redwood, Redwood Burl, Honduran Rosewood, Indian Rosewood, Sycamore, Walnut, Willow, and Ziricote.

If you desire a unique look for a project you are creating, then you should consider using exotic wood. This type of wood has a personality of its own, and can make a huge impression in your home. You would be amazed at the variety there is to choose from, and the beauty that it adds to your decor.