What is a Live Edge Burl Wood Slab, and What are its Common Uses?

What is a Live Edge Burl Wood Slab, and What are its Common Uses?

26th Mar 2021

burl wood slab

Flaws are beautiful—that is what burl wood slab craftsmanship has proven, often fetching hundreds and thousands of dollars more than typical woodcraft.

What is burl wood? Burl wood is wood with significant defects, such as knots and asymmetrical growth. It makes a very unusual frontispiece on furniture and decor, capturing a high price—even inspiring theft .

Even more fascinating is the use of live edge burl wood, slabs cut from cross-sections of trees with serious burls. In the interior design world, live edge burl wood slabs have become a staple of natural design.

What Kinds of Wood Are Burl Wood?

There are many burl wood types, from maple burl wood slabs to cedar, redwood, eucalyptus, and more.

Choosing a local wood to celebrate your environment is a great way to pick burl wood as a feature in your home. Likewise, choosing an exotic wood or wood from somewhere you love to travel—like redwoods to remind you of your trip to Yosemite—is another great option.

What Kinds of Furniture Are Made from a Burl Wood Slab?

Just about any furniture or home decor can be made from burl wood in the hands of a skilled crafter.

Tables made of burl wood are a frequent find these days amongst artisan craftsmen. Using live edge burl wood for coffee tables can produce a one-of-a-kind piece that customers are willing to pay thousands for.

Sizeable live edge burl wood slabs can be worked into an eye-catching headboard for a real statement piece in the bedroom.

River tables make excellent use of live edge wood. These slabs are often shaped into a round or rectangular table. Blue acrylic or resin is poured through the natural edges, creating a river-like design in the middle of the table.

Occasionally stones are added to the bottom of the resin to give it an even more natural look. Polished to a high shine, these are a central piece in any dining or living space.

Pendant lamps covered in a delicate shade of burl wood veneer are another rustic project that comes from thinking outside the box with burl wood.

Whether you are a craftsman, designer, or consumer, you can build it with burl wood if you can think of it. Get creative with these classic pieces today.

Burl Wood for Sale

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