Exotic Hardwood Purchases on the Open Market

Exotic Hardwood Purchases on the Open Market

Gloabl Wood Source 10-30-2015 on 3rd Nov 2015

Exotic hardwoods are expensive and not easily available to purchase like the ordinary softwood lumber you can find in hardware stores. Hardwood suppliers all over the world rely on internet marketing to reach potential buyers who are willing to import hard-to-find wood materials such as the endangered Lignum Vitae (Guaiacum officinale) or the uniquely patterned Snake wood (Brosimumguianensis).

The price of hardwood is dictated by the demands of the housing and industrial sector.The price may vary and change with the prevailing economic standard and the changing requirements of the end user. The needs of overseas wood manufacturers have changed over the years with more preference to raw logs than the finished products. Raw logs are cheaper than the precut and saw-milled lumber. Government tariffs also play a big factor in the prices of import and export of exotic wood.

Factors that affect the price of exotic hardwood

  • The drop in hardwood demand for housing and industrial construction in the last decade has influenced the price of finished lumber.
  • Consumers are now concerned with the effects of pesticides and preservatives in the lumber used for flooring, walls and trusses. More people are opting for the cheaper synthetic vinyl boards and concrete.
  • Political pressure from non-government organizations concerned with forest denudation and global warming effects of ecological imbalance.
  • Unfair advantage of the government-owned Canadian timberlands over the U.S. private loggers and lumber suppliers. Canadian government subsidizes its timberlands when global prices fluctuate.
  • Different Import-export tariffs of countries involved in the hardwood trade.

Important issues to consider when buying hardwood

  • Know your requirements. Orders must be specific in terms of what type of hardwood, color, board foot, and cuttings.
  • Buyers are advised to purchase only from legitimate suppliers. Legality of suppliers is determined by the non-government certifications and government permits that they hold exotic wood suppliers is the best method for exotic wood purchases. Be wary of bogus suppliers on online trading sites. Be sure to purchase from verified purveyors only.

Despite the difficulties that wood suppliers struggle with in this trade, this sector will thrive. The demand for exotic hard woods for door and wall panels, carved picture frames, musical instruments, and furniture will never lessen. Hardwoods provide the aesthetic elegance in a home or office.