Everything You Need to Know About Burl Maple

Everything You Need to Know About Burl Maple

15th Dec 2021

burl maple

Did you know that burl wood was all the rage back in the roaring '20sas an artistic statement in decoration? Burl wood has been serving looks for the past century, even making its way into Hollywood Regency.

When you see burl wood at first, the last thing you'd probably be thinking is that this would look great in your living room. Trust us when we tell you that its hidden beauty is unrivaled.

Read on to find out more about how burl maple wood can be used as a beautiful, statement piece of furniture or artwork in any home.

What Is Burl Wood?

Trees are a bit like a human body. When something hurts the exterior, it forms a type of bruise. A burl is an odd-looking growth on the side of a tree, usually caused by some type of injury or fungal infection.

When a tree is attacked by something, be it a virus or injury, it can affect the hormones in the tree that allow it to grow. This results in unique swirls and colorful abnormalities that end up looking pretty cool.

A burl growth is typically located on the trunk of the tree, at its base.

Where Can I Find Burl Wood?

The key places to find burl wood will be in spots where trees are likely to be the most stressed. For instance, trees by rivers or even many trees in your neighborhood can often contain burl growths.

You can also find trees thriving with burls in damp areas because this is the prime environment for fungal growth.

How Is Burl Wood Used?

Due to its unusual yet unique attractive design, burl wood is often utilized to the advantage of artists and sculptors. It is versatile and beautiful, making it a highly valuable asset for creatives.

Typical burl wood uses include furniture making, gun stocks, artwork, instruments, and more.

What Are the Different Types of Burl Wood?

Burls can form in lots of different species of wood, coming in a variety of shapes and sizes. The most common types of burl wood include burl maple, burl oak, burl walnut, and burl redwood.

What is amazing about burl maple wood is that every piece will be different somehow.

Why Is Burl Maple Wood So Popular?

Burl maple wood comes, unsurprisingly, from a maple tree. When it comes to woodworking projects, maple burl wood is a really popular choice because out of all the types of burl wood. It is extremely strong.

The attractive and durable qualities of burl maple make it a great material for creating table-tops, table bases, and wood-based art.

Want to Experiment With Burl Maple Wood for an Upcoming Project?

Are you an artist or crafts person with a woodworking project coming up? Now you know all about burl maple wood, you can create something truly beautiful and long-lasting.

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