What cool wood projects can you create with burl wood

What cool wood projects can you create with burl wood

15th Jul 2019

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Are you looking for some cool wood projects to do with burl wood? You are in luck because this wood is idea for a number of projects. Burl is not a specific tree, such as elm, maple or oak. It is a formation on the wood which will cause it to differ from other slabs that you may purchase.

Burl is where the grain of the wood takes on an unusual development. It typically only affects part of a tree and may be found near the roots or trunk. It is cause by stress. When a tree undergoes a mold or insect infestation you may find burl wood.

Burl Wood Projects

Here are just some cool wood projects you may consider doing with burl wood.

  • Jewelry – Because burl is so unique, you will never find two woods exactly the same. This makes for a great pair of earrings, necklace or bracelet. Every woman loves to sport a piece a jewelry that no one else has.
  • Bench – Rather you are looking for a stunning piece for your home or business, a Burl bench is a perfect addition. It will be a focal point of the room. The rarity of this wood will really shine.
  • Picture Frame – If you are looking for a precious gift to give to a loved one, a frame is the perfect option. It is something that will house a cherish memory and be proudly displayed in anyone’s home.
  • Decorative Bowl – Many people like to have wooden bowls in the middle of their coffee table or kitchen table. A Burl Bowl will be like no other on the market.
  • Chest – If you are lucky enough to snag a large portion of Burl wood you may want to take advantage of it by constructing a chest. This will be a timeless piece that will be cherished for years to come. Plus, it could become an heirloom to hand down to your child.
  • Stand – Many people choose to construct a small tabletop from their Burl wood. Perfect for an end table or nightstand.
  • Lamp – If you are looking for a truly unique piece try lighting up a room with a Burl wood lamp. Everyone will be able to enjoy the beauty of this wood.
  • Sign – Combine your artistic abilities and make a sign with your favorite saying.
  • Wine stopper – Decorative wine stoppers are very popular among those who love wine and can be a huge conversation piece at dinner parties.
  • Watch – Never be without the time when you construct a Burl wood watch. Wood watches are in demand.
  • Art Piece – you can also decide that the wood is a piece of art in itself. Make a sculpture and proudly display your Burl wood art.
  • Epoxy and Burl – If you want to combine elements, Burl is beautiful when combined with epoxy. You can make a stunning charm for a necklace or a table with water type epoxy.

No matter what type of cool wood project you decide to do, you are sure to have stunning results when using Burl wood. This wood is like no other and is heavily sought after by those who like to work with wood.

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