Beechwood Lumber - The Best Woodworking Projects

Beechwood Lumber - The Best Woodworking Projects

15th Oct 2023

Beechwood lumber

Woodworking is a time-honored tradition that allows you to tap into a different type of creativity to build a beautiful and useful product. Learning about different types of wood can help you determine which ones will work best for various projects. Although burlwood is a popular option for its unique grain and coloring, finding burls requires a tree to be injured or damaged somehow. Other wood options allow you to have access to consistent grains and coloring based on the variety of trees. With that in mind, let’s talk about beechwood and some of its qualities, as well as the best woodworking projects for this wood.

What is Beechwood?

Beechwood lumber is a hardwood derived from beech trees. It has a fine, even texture. This wood’s coloring is a pale cream, with a pink or brown hue sometimes appearing. Beechwood lumber is fairly stiff in character, has good resistance to shock, and is heavy in weight. There are two types of beechwood marketed primarily:

  • European (Fagus sylvatica)
  • American (Fagus grandifolia)

Generally, European beechwood has better properties since it is less dense but has better elastic and mechanical properties, although it can be slightly darker.

Beechwood can take on a beautiful golden tone by treating it with steam for a veneer preparation. The quartersawn surfaces are captivating, exhibiting a silvery fleck pattern. Despite all the beauty in this wood, it is often underrated since it might look plain flatsawn.

Types of Woodworking Projects with Beechwood Lumber

You might be surprised at how many items you use daily are made with beechwood lumber. It has extensively used furniture, residential framing, cabinetry, cooking utensils, tool handles, plywood, and sports equipment. Musicians also favor beechwood for its tone, using it in piano pin-blocks and drum manufacturing.

Even if your cabinets and furniture appear to be made of walnut or cherry, beechwood could be hidden in the sides and backs of cabinets or within the chair and table legs. It has even been used to smoke herring and various dairy products in German and French cuisine.

It is also cost-effective, allowing you to build various pieces within your budget. Beechwood biscuits can be used to join other pieces of wood together since they swell in the presence of moisture.

Here are just a few of the projects that you might use beechwood for:

  • Furniture – Its robustness and stability make it a great option for constructing chairs, tables, and cabinets. A pale color and uniform grain pattern create beautiful pieces that can be stained or varnished to achieve a customized look.
  • Home decoration – Beechwood lumber can be used for flooring, wall paneling, decorative items, and kitchen utensils.
  • Decorative items – This category can include picture frames, candle holders, and vases.
  • Musical instruments – This category includes drums, guitars, clarinets, violins, and piano hammers.
  • Sports equipment – With shock-absorbing properties, beechwood can be used for bats, hockey sticks, skis, archery bows, and gymnastics equipment.

Clearly, plenty of options are available to help you build the right piece for your home. Contact Global Wood Source today to learn about the beechwood lumber available.

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