Ziricote Lumber


Ziricote-is the most dramatic member of the Cordia genus, which grows throughout Central and tropical South America. The heartwood is dull brown with irregular dark brown and black streaking, and the sapwood is creamy white to light golden tan. A pleasing ray or fleck figure is visible in quartersawn stock. Ziricote's grain is generally straight, and its texture is medium to coarse. Good for steam bending and easily worked with machine and hand tools, ziricote has only a slight blunting effect on cutting edges. It takes a smooth finish, polishes well, and holds screws and nails well. Long used by natives for decorative craft objects, ziricote is also used for boat decking, turnings, interior joinery, furniture, cabinets and other light construction.

Available Stock:

Stocking inventory in lumber is 4/4 & 8/4 thickness, widths from 4" to 10" wide and lengths are from 2'-5'.

Also available in turning squares, turning blocks, solid body guitar tops, acoustic guitar sets, fingerboards.

Available to Order:

We generally take container load inquiries upon request.

Call (408) 392-0573 or email us for specific needs we will pull and hand select for your requirements.

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