Purpleheart Lumber


Purpleheart-Generally straight grained, sometimes interlocked, with a fine even texture. Creamy white sapwood and vibrant purple heartwood that turns to dark-purplish brown with exposure to light. Uses include inlay, marquetry, furniture, cabinets, flooring, turnery, carving, outdoor construction, chemical vats (very acid resistant), filter press plates, diving boards, and boat building.

Available Stock:

4/4 lumber is currently in stock 4"+ widths 6'+ lengths.

Available to Order:

4/4 through 12/4 lumber, very wide and long lengths are common.

also available in figured appearence most of this figured material will come in a "mottled figured look " or also known as "block figure ".

We seperate this out as we accumulate it and try and order from the mills with figure as best as possible.

Call (408) 392-0573 or email us for specific needs we will pull and hand select for your requirements.

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5 of 5 Items