Jatoba Lumber


Jatoba- is a very hard wood measuring 5.6 on the Brinell scale or 2350 lbf on the Janka scale, approximate measurements of hardness. For comparison, Douglas Fir measures 660 lbf, White Oak 1360 lbf, and Brazilian Walnut 3800 lbf on the Janka scale.

Jatoba wood features a tan/salmon color with black accent stripes that over time turns to a deep rich red color.

Available Stock:

Currently 1½"-3" strips of 4/4 lumber 4'-8' in length.

Available to Order:

4/4 through 10/4 Lumber

Select and better grade 4'' and wider and 8 feet and longer.

Also available in flooring, natural edge slabs and turning stock.

Call (408) 392-0573 or email us for specific needs we will pull and hand select for your requirements.

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