Goncalo Alves Lumber

Goncalo alves

Goncalo alves- is a hardwood (from the Brazilian Portuguese name, gonçalo-alves). It is sometimes referred to as zebrawood or tigerwood — names that underscore the wood’s often dramatic, contrasting color scheme, that some compare to rosewood.

While the sapwood is very light in color, the heartwood is a sombre brown, with dark streaks that give it a unique look. The wood’s color deepens with exposure and age and even the plainer-looking wood has a natural luster.

Currently only 4/4 lumber is in stock, we can generally place an order and have it here within 1-3 business days.

Available to Order:

4/4 through 8/4 4'' and wider x 8 feet and longer.

Wide boards are common and we hand select this for stripes with definition and contrast in each board.

Call (408) 392-0573 or email us for specific needs we will pull and hand select for your requirements.

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