​5 Unique Ideas To Incorporate Exotic Wood In Your Home

28th Jul 2017

Exotic Wood In Your Home

Exotic wood is defined as any species not native to North America. This can include beautiful trees such as Black Acacia, Bocote, Olive, Koa, Maple, and much more.

With a range of colors and textures which are hard to replicate via other means, exotic wood is an excellent option for home remodels, upgrades, or instrument hobbies.

Here, we show you five unique ways to incorporate tropical or non-domestic wood into your home environment.

Gorgeous Bathrooms

If you're seeking to design a statement bathroom, choose a finely detailed or uniquely textured wood for trims, floors, or features.

Hardwood is best suited for bathroom floors because of its durability. Examples of exotic hardwoods include acacia and mahogany.

Bathroom vanities can be molded from woods such as Jarrah, walnut, and maple to give a gorgeous finish to your bathroom area. The natural wood grain adds depth and interesting texture which will stand above the crowd.

Beautiful Log Decks

For both beauty and strength, choose a wood such as Brazilian ironwood for your log deck project. Versatile and with a pleasing warmth, Brazilian ironwood will provide you with a hardwearing and weather resistant surface for outdoor living.

Another useful wood for deck construction is acacia hardwood. This timber is not only environmentally friendly, but also offers a lovely aesthetic.

Whichever you chose, a deck made of durable non-domestic wood will enhance both the value of your home and your outdoor living activities.

Sturdy Wooden Furniture

A simple way to add character and charm to your home is by using exotic wood for your furniture items. A wooden table and set of chairs or a sideboard can easily become the centerpiece of any room.

A rustic cypress table or a classic Honduran mahogany set can transform your room while keeping the style you are striving for. The tone of wood you select can either complement or contrast with your room decor.

Kitchen Cabinets and Countertops

The distinctive grain of non-domestic wood adds class and appeal to a kitchen refit or remodel. Whether you choose to showcase the grain by running it vertically or horizontally, sustainably-sourced imported wood cabinets, islands, and countertops will be a standout feature.

The colors and textures of these woods contrast brilliantly with standard stainless steel, bright lights, and glass found in the modern kitchen. Your wooden feature will add warmth and natural beauty to offset the sterility of steel and glass.

Feature Window Sills

A large bay window in either your kitchen, dining, or living room can be enhanced by the use of beautifully grained or elaborately colored natural wooden sills.

The wood can be cut to the length, width, and depth you require. From there, it is a simple process to install the sill. You can choose a natural look for your inspiration or select a more machined finish.

Exotic Wood for Every Project

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