Cedar Aromatic Lumber

Cedar (Aromatic)(Cedrus atlantica)

Cedar Aromatic- The Tree: Eastern aromatic red cedar lumber has the widest distribution of any other conifer in the eastern United States. It can reach heights of 120 feet and 4 feet in diameter. It is a "pioneer" species, being one of the first trees to invade disturbed areas. It grows very slowly, trees that are 20 years old are only about 20 feet tall with a diameter of 3 inches. Older trees have wide, fluted, buttressed bases. General Wood Characteristics: Eastern aromatic red cedarlumber has a thin, white sapwood, while the heartwood is red to deep reddish-brown. The sapwood may be in stripes, alternating with stripes of heartwood. The wood is moderately low in strength and stiffness, but it is high in shock resistance. It shrinks little during drying and is good dimensional stability. It is easy to work and has moderate hardness.
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4/4 thru 12/4 Random widths 4" & wider x 6' to 12' lengths.

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