Ash Swamp Lumber

Swamp Ash (Fraxinus americana)

Ash Swamp - It is the most widely distributed of all the American ashes. Naturally a moist bottom land or stream bank tree, it is hardy to climatic extremes. We select our Swamp Ash from only the Mississippi delta region of the Unite States. We require an average weight of less than 2.5 lbs. per BF. Mainly used for our solid body guitar customers such as Fender, Zon, Mayones and many other bass and electric guitar makers.
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Available to Order:

4/4 thru 12/4 Random widths 4" & wider x 6' to 12' lengths. Grades: FAS (firsts & seconds) in Swamp Ash we primarily stock 8/4 x 8" & wider for lightweight guitar bodies. Call (408) 392-0573 or email us for specific needs we will put in an order for your requirements.

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