Amboyna Burl

Amboyna Burl

Amboyna Burl-The hardwood, which is purplish, is termite resistant and rose-scented. The wood known in Indonesia as amboyna is the burl of the tree, named after Ambon, where much of this material was originally found. Often amboyna is finely sliced to produce an extremely decorative veneer, used for decoration and in making of furniture and keys on a marimba.

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We personally travel to Cambodia to hand pick and inspect this special burl, we bring back full burl and cap burl and sell out of warehouse from full veneer grade burls, cap burls for turning and blocks which we manufacture here for turning blocks..All the way down to small pieces for knife handles and pieces for inlay projects.

Also available in high grade heavy figured veneer!

We are one of the world's leading suppliers of Amboyna Burl.

Call (408) 392-0573 or email us for specific needs we will pull and hand select for your requirements.

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